Hi, thank you for visiting Twisted Bo-Kay, my name is Patti!  In 2003 I thought it would be fun to learn how to make simple balloon animals for my childrens’ birthday parties.  I began teaching myself through books, and lots of practice.  I became very passionate about balloon art and sometimes would stay up almost all night making and memorizing various creations.  I realized virtually anything can be made from balloons.  I love the challenge of making something new or making what started my love for balloons, that is a beautiful, colorful, floral Bo-kay.   I began making floral Bo-Kay’s for friends and family on special occasions.  Other people loved them so much they began asking me to make them for their friends and family.  Then I began twisting balloons at parties, receptions, festivals and many other events.  I truly enjoy making someone’s day with a beautiful and fun arrangement that is made just for them.

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you enjoy my website and my art!  

If you like my balloons, please tell a friend!  Thank You and have a blessed day!

* References are available upon request